Former Mafia Hitman Opens Up About Dark Side of Greg Scarpa & His 20 Hits

Date: 2021-10-13 12:55:21


Patrick Bet-David sits down with Larry Mazza. Lawrence “Larry” Mazza is a former soldier, hitman and protégé of Colombo crime family captain Greg Scarpa. Check out his book “The Life: A True Story About A Brooklyn Boy Seduced Into The Dark World Of The Mafia” here:

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About guest:
Lawrence “Larry” Mazza is a former soldier, hitman and protégé of Colombo crime family captain Greg Scarpa. Mazza has admitted to murdering four people, including the January 1992 murder of Nicky Grancio, using a 12-gauge shotgun which was allegedly stolen from a New Jersey police car. He had previously witnessed the December 1991 killing of Vincent Fusaro by Scarpa, who shot Fusaro in the neck, body and back of the head with an M52 rifle while he hung up a Christmas garland on the door of his home in Brooklyn. Mazza has allegedly participated in around 25 murders. Sometime in the mid-1990s after his arrest by the FBI, he agreed to cooperate. Mazza has since relocated to Florida and became a fitness personal trainer. He released a book titled “The Life: A True Story about a Brooklyn Boy Seduced into the Dark World of the Mafia.”

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