Get ahead of 99% of people with MONK MODE in 2024!

Date: 2024-01-20 00:19:25


Go “Monk Mode” with me in 2024 if you want to achieve your PEAK physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health. Find out more as I detail my daily and weekly routine for 2024. STOP relying on motivation, instead you will always fall back on the systems and habits you create.

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Video Timestamps and chapter markers:

0:16 – What is Monk Mode?
1:10 – STOP relying on motivation
1:56 – Daily / Weekly MONK MODE Routine
9:02 – What to leave BEHIND in 2023 in order to grow
10:21 – What I’ve been working on: Affiliate Starter Kit and database of million-dollar affiliate businesses / blogs / websites for every niche
11:23 – For those interested in 1 on 1 mentorship with me

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