High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – $100K Cracked & Explained.

Date: 2022-09-12 14:34:24


I break down high ticket affiliate marketing in a clear way that will make it all *click* using a case study that made me $100,000! Take my free affiliate workshop: https://deadbeat.com/free

In this video, we cover high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners.

We talk about why high ticket affiliate offers are slightly harder to sell low ticket products, and how to successfully promote these kinds of offers to potentially make serious bank.

You’ll see example of product keywords and why it can limit the amount of commissions you can earn if you focus only on product review keywords. Then you will see the secret to making high ticket affiliate products work. That is to create multiple long-form webinars promoting the same product. Also to create long follow up email sequences that drive traffic over and over to the same offer until the customer is fully educated enough to make a proper buying decision.

Then I talk about ideas to create a bonus package you can offer with your promotion to help convert high ticket products at an even higher rate…

AND potential scams in the high ticket affiliate markets that you absolutely have to be aware of.

See the post on my blog for even more tips:

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – $100K Cracked and Explained.

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