How to Invest In Crypto Artist NFTs (and Actually Make Money)

Date: 2021-12-06 17:17:43


How I’m making money by investing into crypto art NFTs in 2021, 2022 + $300 into $3Million Flip
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Today we do a deep dive into crypto art investing in a way you actually make money from it.

Cryptopunks and bored apes are great, but investing into the top 50 crypto artists is a very reliable and safe way to earn income with NFTs.

We cover in this video:

– Why snoop dogg bought an Xcopy 1/1 for nearly 4 million dollars
– How you can buy crypto art even if you’re on a budget
– The top 5 marketplaces for crypto art
– What to look for in a piece of art to ensure that it appreciates as much as possible.
– Easy ways to get a 2-10X gain by following sales trends on NFT art

To sum it all up:

If you want to invest into crypto art, you really have to hone in on a few artists you really like and understand everything about them. Your goal is to figure out if their audience is growing on twitter, youtube, marketplace followers, and if there are indications the particular artist will continue to push their brand. When you make an investment into any NFT that is created by a single artist, you are investing directly into that person’s career. So you want to make sure that person really understands the industry.

The best place to start is to look at the top 10 artists and start digging through their marketplace listings and look for deals. Just yesterday I was able to get a Hackatao NFT for over HALF of it’s current market value. I put a low-ball bid in of 1 ETH and someone accepted the bid. I know I can sell it right now for 2ETH easy.

You can either hold your art for the long term or short term, it’s really up to you. Right now I’m still in flipping mode where my goal is just to make cash and stack ETH. That method is great for beginners because you can understand the ins and outs of crypto art investing and have less risk. Investing for the long term in the NFT space is more risky in my opinion because the industry is so new. BUT long term investors tend to make out better in the end.

Example: Imagine if you bought 10 crypto punks back in 2017 for $100 each. You’d be set for life.

But it’s hard to hold and it takes experience and skill, especially in market downturns which tends to happen a lot to individual crypto artists when there is a lull in activity.

That’s why I usually flip as quickly as I can just to stack cash. I do hold some pieces for the long term though.

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