Learn How To Get Views and Subscribers On YOUR YouTube Videos

Date: 2020-10-03 12:36:36


Learn how to get views and subscribers on your YouTube videos. This is a Q&A stream so ask your questions in the form below! ✅ Stream sponsor – TubeBuddy, the best tool for YouTubers. Discounts for channels under 1000 subscribers – https://www.nicknimmin.com/go/tubebuddylive/

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❤️ Learn about YouTube from Brian G Johnson

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❤️ Learn Filmmaking and more with Andrew Kan

Stream notes:
00:00 – Intro
9:03 – Subscriber talk
12:24 – Adding new content to your channel
17:00 – What to do with underperforming videos
23:00 – Burnout and balance on YouTube
27:25 – Adding comedy to your videos
28:35 – Growing a gaming channel fast
32:40 – Tips for restarting your channel
36:10 – Keywords and titles on YouTube
51:00 – Making more videos
56:00 – Lighting for YouTube videos
59:10 – Computer for videos
1:05:00 – Videos performing better later
1:19:00 – Videos performance
1:31:00 – Growing your channel on YouTube
1:36:00 – Daily content no traction
1:50:00 – What to do when losing subscribers on YouTube
2:01:00 – Ads on videos
2:13:40 – Break into saturated topic
2:19:20 – Writing copy
2:23:00 – Tips for YouTube thumbnails
2:25:00 – Getting your first 100 subscribers on YouTube
2:30:40 – Thumbnail tips for YouTube
2:36:30 – People skipping through my content
2:41:50 – Views to subscribers
2:50:00 – Livestreaming with no gear
2:54:30 – Using services to grow
2:59:30 – Old videos performing well
3:13:50 – 3 Do’s and Don’ts on YT
3:20:30 – Should you have a niche on YouTube
3:35:00 – Underlying principles for success
3:43:40 – Making videos to link to
3:49:00 – Getting sponsors with under 1,000 subs

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✅ YouTube creator academy (free) – https://creatoracademy.youtube.com/page/education

⚠️ What we’re doing in the stream:
We’re answering YouTube questions to give actionable tips you can use to improve.

⚠️ How it works:
We do this for free (Thanks to TubeBuddy and Streamyard). However, if someone gives a “super chat” their question moves to the front of the queue.

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