Learn How To Grow On YouTube – YouTuber Hangout

Date: 2023-03-25 16:34:39


Learn how to grow your YouTube channel and other aspects of being a content creator. This is a live Q&A for YouTubers. Connect with me everywhere – http://nimmin.bio . Open description for helpful resources.

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How things work during this stream:
I do this for free (Thanks to TubeBuddy, Streamyard and the other channel sponsors). However, if someone gives a “super chat” their question moves to the front of the queue. Thanks for understanding.

Disclaimer: Some of these links go to one of my websites and some are affiliate links where I’ll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

0:00 – Learn How To Grow On YouTube
5:45 – Live Streaming Gear Options
9:09 – Deleting Shorts As a Strategy
11:32 – Editing Tips for a New Creator
14:34 – 1 Video with 50k Views – Nothing Else Gets That
17:45 – Am I Growing Quick Enough?
20:53 – If I cannot Post- Can I Update A Video and Repost It?
23:31 – Unmotivated. What to Do?
33:24 – Best App for Editing of Android/iOS
38:03 – Horizontal Short Content?
39:36 – Animation Channels Initial Traction
44:48 – Effort Not Getting Anywhere
49:10 – Voiceover – AI Options?
58:05 – Getting More Comments
1:01:24 – How to Tell If Your Channel is On Track?
1:05:33 – Violence on YouTube and Restricted Content
1:10:10 – Impressions
1:12:47 – Interviewing Guests – Tips
1:15:21 – Views Dropped – Getting Back on Track
1:19:17 – More Videos Weekly?
1:28:19 – B Roll Advice
1:33:38 – Getting People to Come Over from Facebook for My Live Stream
1:37:11 – Removing Videos?
1:41:28 – Will Entertainment Work on YouTube?
1:52:00 – Time Management
1:54:24 – Recommending Content to the Right People
2:03:22 – Similar Channels – Mismatch in Views
2:08:54 – Unlist Content for a Niche You Are no Longer Covering?
2:14:21 – Best Editing App for Mobile
2:15:30 – Health Issues – Keeping Channel Growing
2:21:10 – Length of Videos?
2:23:40 – Alternatives to Da Vinci Resolve?
2:27:41 – Shorts – Active Viewers? More Shorts?
2:39:04 – Shorts Revenue
2:40:22 – Can You Monetize Shorts Only?
2:42:38 – New Channel Strategy
2:45:24 – Titling for Music Teacher’s Content
2:48:13 – Don’t Love the Channel Name – Change it?

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