Psychopath vs Sociopath – Psychologist Explains Which Does Better In Business

Date: 2021-04-14 12:40:21


Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu. In this interview they talk about why psychopaths succeed in business, the long term effects of the pandemic on mental health and how to deal with trauma. Connect with Ali on twitter:

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About the Guest: Dr. Ali Mattu creates mental mental health and psychology media that is fun, easy to understand, and free to all. Through YouTube, Dr. Mattu teaches a global audience how to use psychological science to achieve their goals. He sparks conversations about mental health through storytelling performances, school assemblies, and pop culture conventions. He is the clinical lead of Loop, a new mental health startup making self-care social through small group real time audio hangouts.

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About Patrick Bet-David: CEO, author and Founder of Valuetainment Media. Patrick has interviewed athletes, notorious individuals, politicians, authors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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