TRUTH about Amazon Affiliate Marketing in 2024…

Date: 2024-01-09 22:11:39


Exposing the TRUTH about Amazon affiliate marketing in 2024, and my HONEST opinion on whether it’s still worth it as a beginner. Also, what I would do if I were starting from scratch today.

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Video Timestamps and chapter markers:

0:51 – Are people still earning BIG money from Amazon Associates in 2024?
2:06 – How I DOUBLED my Amazon Associates commission rates
2:24 – Amazon removing SiteStripe images and its impact
4:42 – Alternatives to Amazon SiteStripe images
6:54 – My advice for beginners who don’t have products in hand
7:31 – Is Amazon affiliate marketing still WORTH IT in 2024?
9:48 – What I would do as a beginner today, the NEW “Hybrid Approach”
11:49 – How I can help YOU in 2024 and what I’ve been working on

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