Unemployment SOARS 3.3M… Why Affiliate Marketers May Be Next

Date: 2020-03-28 14:27:46


Find out why affiliate marketers could be next on the chopping block, and what you can do to come out victories with your online business. New Clickbank affiliate program launching this week. Keep eye out. Smash like button!

More than 3 million workers file for jobless benefits last week amid the current crisis…

And here’s what I think is going to happened and what it means for making affiliate commissions and online businesses.

OK so according to the Washington Post 3.3 million people have filed for unemployment over the last week…

Which marks the biggest week long increase of unemployment in HISTORY.

Unlike 2008 where only few sectors were hit… and even during the worst months achieved a 13.2% unemployment rate according to US Burera of Labor Statistics…. The current crisis will instead have an impact on almost every industry in existence.

Even services like Facebook and Google where even though more people are using them now… because they are ad revenue focused, they should take a hit also – advertisers scale back and ad costs sink. I also just don’t think all businesses have come to terms yet of how this effects them.

Many businesses are still trying to save face by keeping employees employed, but I think the reality of the situation will start settling in…

Here’s an update Disney gave today about staying closed until mid April:

A spokesperson said the company came to its conclusion because of “this unprecedented pandemic” and upon “direction provided by health experts and government officials.
” Disney intends to keep paying its hourly parks and resorts staff through April 18, it said

So we’re just seeing the first impact in my opinion…

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we exceed 15% unemployment over the next month, especially if all businesses are forced to shut down.

I also believe a recovery will take time. It takes awhile after these kinds of shocks for people to gain confidence to invest back into things.During times of loss it’s easy to lose courage and confidence in your skill, and that will make many employers gun-shy when it comes to hiring new people.

And here’s why this effects your ability to earn income online in 2020.

Let’s face it… No matter which way you slice it, online sales are going to suffer in almost every industry over the next few months or more. As money becomes scarce, people will spend only on essentials. The things you were making money on.. like cat sweaters and shoe driers… all of these are going to be hit hard.

I also believe if you are also on Amazon FBA, except for entertainment based products for kids and adults, you will also experience a hit…We are also seeing amazon less helpful to FBA merchants during this time if they aren’t selling essential goods… So over the next month or so to come, expect a less than normal result for most markets.

If you’re an affiliate marketer… consider shifting your attention away from physical products for the time being unless it’s things like gym equipment or kids toys or essentials. I think some digital affiliate offers will suffer – especially non-essential ones like weight loss… tea detox… metaphysical stuff like astrology and numerology.

These are things that can be sacrificed during bad times.Overall though, I think over the next year or so digital affiliate offers on sites like Clickbank, JVzoo, etc. will do very well. Anything related to jobs, resumes, online income, business tools, services, etc.. Anything that helps people make more money is a win from this point forward.

These will probably be the best markets over the next 12 months. Especially as people get use to the whole work from home idea – it’s like a fruit that once you eat you can never go back.

Make sense? With that said, I will be releasing a program in the next handful of days to show how to thrive in uncertain times with these kinds of affiliate offers.

It drops in a handful of days. Get ready, keep an eye out, and stay safe.

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