Why Ecommerce Is The Best Skill To Master In 2020

Date: 2020-05-01 03:55:54


Here’s a live call I did on my farm about how to become an Ecommerce Certified Specialist. Please excuse the video quality since the internet on the farm isn’t great.

“It’s not the strongest nor smartest who survives.
It’s the ones most adaptable to change.”

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Ecommerce is here to stay.

Businesses who aren’t using ecommerce won’t be around much longer.

We’ve already seen major stores — *POOF* — disappear practically overnight because they weren’t adapting to online shopping.

The companies still around today are finally realizing they need help — ASAP.

This is actually becoming a problem because there aren’t enough ecommerce specialists to meet the demand.

And that’s why I created this:


Finding ecommerce specialists isn’t easy.

Traditional schools aren’t teaching what’s working today — it’s too new and by the time students graduate, what they know is outdated.

My new comprehensive program helps anyone become an ecommerce specialist, even if they’re brand new to online business.

It was initially meant for my team only, but after realizing my followers could also benefit from learning about ecommerce, I’ve opened up the training to a private test group.

Access the test group here:


It’s a 4-month program called Ecommerce Certified Specialist. Each month focuses on a specific area of ecommerce based on the 4 Ps — Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Placement.

So what exactly can you do as an Ecommerce Certified Specialist?

There are plenty of options for both entrepreneurs and employees.

For example, you can:

* Get a promotion at your current job
* Start your own ecommerce company
* Offer consulting services to brands
* Showcase your skills on your resume
* Use what you learn to increase sales at your startup

Another benefit to this training is you can begin TODAY.

But, that’s not all.

Ecommerce Certified Specialist also provides a Certification as long as you pass the exam at the end of the program.

This Certification is an official endorsement of your skills, backed by me and my company.

What will you learn with the Ecommerce Certified Specialist program?

Here’s a preview:

Month 1 —

The first month is all about the product.

It begins with a 30-day challenge that quickly teaches you the big-picture and must-know concepts.

From choosing what to sell, finding where to get it, deciding between sourcing your own product vs. dropshipping, to knowing which software to use, this is arguably the most-advanced ecommerce training you’ll ever find — packaged into an easy-to-learn 1-month module.

Month 2 —

The second month is about knowing the numbers.

It may seem boring, but the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the number one thing to know in your business.

This second month walks you through the financial side of things such as handling cash flow, managing inventory, and controlling margins.

You’ll also learn how to look up and use data, such as the statistical significance of a split test, to increase your sales.

Month 3 —

Next, you’ll learn about promotion.

This is the fun part of the business for most people.

From increasing organic traffic to your store to using SMS marketing to get 97% open rates, my business partners and I will teach you everything you need to market your product online.

You’ll also learn about sales funnels, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

Month 4 —

Finally, you’ll learn about placement.

This is basically how your product is seen by your prospects and customers.

From showcasing your product on a website to the packaging details, you’ll learn it all.

This final month also includes all of the tools the top experts use and recommend to maximize conversions and sales, including the best apps, plugins, and software.

Each of the monthly modules could be sold separately.

That’s why there’s an insane amount of value if you join the Ecommerce Certified Specialist test group.

You can start right now.

The first 30 days are good to go and the test group will be regularly updated with new content.

To get started, simply use the link below:


Stay Strong,

P.S. The Ecommerce Certified Specialist test group is NOT free. If I didn’t charge anything, too many people would join. But way too many of those who would, wouldn’t take it as serious as those who paid.

If the price is holding you back, there are payment plans available.

See your options here:


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