YouTube Money Making Ideas and Tips

Date: 2023-02-22 15:47:29


Learn different money making ideas for your YouTube channel Check out Uscreen here –

During this stream I’m doing channel reviews based around monetization to help creators learn the different ways they can monetize their content. We’re going to talk about some of the most popular ways to make money on YouTube and brainstorm how the channels picked can increase their income with YouTube.

Most popular ways to make money on YouTube with your videos:
1. Affiliate marketing
2. Digital products like courses and downloads
3. Physical products
4. Providing services based on your skill sets
5. Merch
6. Crowd funding
7. Sponsorships
8. Content licensing

🚀 Other YouTube tools and services I use and recommend:

Streamyard, the easiest live streaming software on earth!

TubeBuddy, my favorite tagging, channel growth and management tool for Youtubers

Make content and promote it faster with TubeSpanner –

Free music for your content –

What I use to record my screen

What I use for merch

Everything I use to make videos and run my channel can be found at

Disclaimer: The advice I give in this stream is not financial advice. I’m only sharing my thoughts and opinions from my experience. The reviews during this stream are free thanks to our sponsor Uscreen.

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