YouTube Tips and Advice For YouTube Content Creators

Date: 2023-11-11 17:10:06


Learn what’s important when it comes to getting views on YouTube and growing your brand online. In this stream I’m answering community questions to help demystify YouTube. ✅ Join the community Discord here – Open description for more helpful resources.

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How things work during this stream:
I do this for free (Thanks to TubeBuddy, Streamyard and the other channel sponsors). However, if someone gives a “super chat” their question moves to the front of the queue. Thanks for understanding.

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0:00 – YouTube Tips and Advice For YouTube Content Creators
1:48 – Updates
16:54 – Thumbnail Testing – TubeBuddy v YouTube Eligibility
18:32 – Video Packaging Strategy
21:53 – Related Video Analytics
24:18 – Low AVD – High Engagement
26:48 – Taking a 2 Month Break
28:57 – Thumbnails & Titles – Text?
32:44 – BrandConnect
39:57 – Reasons Videos Perform Better?
43:05 – How Soon Does A New Channel Will Get Impressions?
47:31 – Starting a Channel Checklist
53:58 – Keeping It Fresh or Pivot?
57:01 – Reused Content Q
59:31 – Building a Live Stream Audience
1:06:09 – Titling for How to videos
1:11:47 – Making Content for an Audience
1:13:32 – Decrease in Views and Engagement
1:20:40 – Clean Links in the Description
1:21:56 – BrandConnect Invite
1:23:18 – Brian G’s Thumbnails
1:25:10 – Making an Intro for a Kids Video
1:27:07 – Publish Less or Stick to a Schedule
1:31:41 – Hiring an Assistant or an Editor
1:35:41 – Title Advice
1:38:38 – Brand Managers
1:41:49 – YPP
1:47:13 – Monetized Videos
1:48:40 – Increase Video Frequency?
1:50:20 – Fewer Views?
1:52:20 – Travel Channel Advice
1:56:04 – Creating a Trailer
2:00:48 – Reply to a Comment with a Short Gone?
2:02:51 – Asking for Subscribers Got a Dip in Retention
2:06:59 – YouTube Showing My Videos to the Wrong Ausience
2:16:58 – Upload Mixed Language Content to One Channel
2:19:35 – What Is Good CTR?
2:21:30 – Getting People to the Membership Page
2:22:49 – Searching for Content
2:24:56 – Fishing Channel Blowing Up
2:28:35 – Claims on Videos
2:38:24 – Tips for Finding Their Audience
2:44:44 – Content Strategy Advice
2:47:44 – Patience When Growing a Channel

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