7 NFTs That Earn Passive Income How Passive Income NFTS Work

Date: 2021-10-20 19:44:24


I break down 7 affordable NFTs that yield passive income.
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I deep dive into how NFTs can actually yield semi-sustainable passive income just by holding them.

We explore how Cyberkongz and mutantcats DAO creates value through their token.

-We go in depth on why it’s possible that an NFT can make passive income just by buying it. We dissect how developers add utility to their nft and coin projects so that the holders of the coin get paid to hold it. Example: Mutantcats developed a DAO (Digital Autonomous Orgnization) that buys and holds Cool Cat NFTs in a wallet that then gets fractionalized out to Fractional.art.

We then take a look at coin prices like $Banana and $fish to see the daily dollar value of that coin and how it relates to potential income for holders.

Then we take a look at 7 NFT projects to invest into to yield passive income. Any actions you take are of course at your own risk. We cover: The Doge Pound, Mutantcats, Buzzed Bears, Winter Bears, Loopy Donuts, and more.

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