BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and Advice To Help YOU Grow Your YouTube Channel

Date: 2022-09-17 16:37:53


Learn what you need to do to get more views, subscribers and revenue from your content. It’s free to participate, just put your question in the form below. Open description for helpful resources.❤️ Subscribe to the CreatorMix YouTube channel –

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How things work during this stream:
I do this for free (Thanks to TubeBuddy, Streamyard and the other channel sponsors). However, if someone gives a “super chat” their question moves to the front of the queue. Thanks for understanding.

0:00 – Start of video
7:12 – Thumbnail Advice
9:28 – Consultations – How to Go About It
11:20 – Dealing with People Copying Your Ideas
14:28 – Changing Format/Video Strategy
16:53 – Mic Question
21:14 – Course Launch Advice
23:16 – Community Post Notifications
24:36 – How to Add a Trailer to a Live Stream
25:33 – Finding the Right Audience
27:56 – The New Education Announcement Thoughts
29:17 – Viral Videos – How Can I Stay There
33:22 – Financial Software for YouTubers
34:42 – Ending a Stream Early
37:49 – Thumbnails Before a Video for Vlogs
40:58 – SEO and Subscribers Don’t Matter – Explained
47:01 – Delete Old Videos That Don’t Match
48:08 – What Are YouTube Stories? How to Use?
52:12 – Channel Name and Art – Time for Changes to Rollout
52:59 – Getting Pushed to the Right Audience
55:45 – One Big Tutorial or a Series of Smaller Videos in a Playlist?
57:41 – Community Posts for Growth
1:00:17 – Brands I’m Promoting
1:01:37 – Unlist or Delete Poor Performing Videos
1:02:43 – Watch Time Variations
1:03:38 – Putting Different Content on My Channel
1:07:57 – Shorts Aesthetics – They Look Bad on Channels
1:11:42 – Shorts for Kids Channels?
1:12:44 – Switching Games – Taking My Audience With Me
1:21:35 – Dee Talks on YouTube Shorts
1:38:05 – Shorts and Tik Tok Questions
1:40:04 – Search and Title Optimization
1:43:57 – Optimum Length of a Short?
1:50:25 – Shorts and Watch Hours?
1:55:07 – Roberto in the House
2:43:40 – Lightning Round

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