How Much Capital Do You Want To Raise? – Billion Dollar Startup

Date: 2023-04-17 13:00:32


We bring you visionaries and disruptors who have started, scaled, sold, OR invested in BILLION DOLLAR STARTUP.
We also bring you TECH FOUNDERS who are building the NEXT BILLION DOLLAR STARTUP!

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“Raising money” means how much to raise capital, founders need to understand raising venture capital really means offering part of your company in exchange for money you plan to use to grow your business.

As a startup for a tech company like SaaS, the process a business goes through in order to raise money, so the business can get off the ground, expand, or transform in some way. Find out in this episode, Dan and Ivan share insights and powerful tips to successfully chart your path to convince your ideal VC.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 The determinant factors for Founders to raise?
1:44 Monthly Burn rate? Learn the importance and how it will impact your business
2:56 Parameters that will influence the pre and seeding stage of VC?
3:44 Recommended timeframe for raising funds that VC will consider.
4:05 When is the worst time to raise?

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