How To Have Multiple Streams Of Income As A Coach Or Consultant S1E60

Date: 2022-12-13 14:00:12


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Having multiple streams of income is always better than having only one source. As a high ticket coach or consultant, is it possible for you to develop multiple streams of income?

Dan Lok has generated over a hundred million dollars in coaching and digital course sales and in this episode, you will discover 8 streams of income he will share that you can develop over the years and make you grow being a coach or consultant.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 How can you turn your expertise, passion, and experience into an online income stream? Test drive Kajabi platform Dan Lok is using and receives thousands of dollars worth of bonuses.
1:49 Is it okay to try all possible income streams at once as a coach?
2:46 Here is how you can use books and courses as your additional income stream as a coach.
3:25 What are membership sites and how will it give you recurring income?
3:56 Why events are very powerful and impactful for your business and clients.
4:22 What other types of coaching can you do to have multiple streams of income?

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