How To Make Big Money As A Public Speaker S1E53

Date: 2022-11-08 14:00:18


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Discover the secrets in making big money as a public speaker in this episode of High Ticket Expert.

As an expert, coach, or consultant, public speaking is one of the most valuable skills you should have in your arsenal to get high ticket business opportunities. But, how do you actually earn big money when public speaking? Should you speak for a fee or are there other ways? Listen and find out.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 How can you turn your expertise, passion, and experience into an online income stream? Test drive Kajabi platform Dan Lok is using and receives thousands of dollars worth of bonuses.
1:47 Dan Lok has generated over a hundred million dollars in coaching and digital course sales. Is it because of his speaking skills?
2:21 Speaking for a fee. Is this how you can make big money as a public speaker?
3:12 Can you do public speaking for free and still earn big money? Here’s how Dan Lok does it.
5:04 What other benefits do you get when you speak for free?
5:13 What is the most valuable skill you should get as a coach, consultant and an expert?
6:13 How did Dan Lok master the art of platform closing?

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